Dos lecturas amenas para estos días de "corrección"

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Dos lecturas amenas para estos días de "corrección"

Mensaje por Pepeco » Vie Feb 28, 2020 12:03

Me parece que es un tanto exagerado hablar de corrección del mercado en estos momentos, pero aún así, dos lecturas muy apropiadas:

- 12 Things That Won’t Help You During a Market Correction, en el blog A Wealth of Common Sense. Cargado de sentido común:
6. When someone tells you to, “Ignore the noise.” Ignoring the noise is all but impossible at this point. We’re all too plugged in with alerts, social media, email, and the 24-hour news cycle. There is no such thing as ignoring anymore, only filtering.
- Stocks are Crashing, Should I Sell?, del blog Fire the Boss. Sobre la tentación que muchos (me incluyo) tienen:
So Should I Then Buy More Stocks Now?

I’m a consultant. The answer is always “it depends”.

If you like a little gamble, sure go ahead. But it isn’t my advice.

What I, personally, will be doing is the same thing I do every month. I pay myself on the first of the month, and then transfer money to my DeGiro account. There, I buy stocks. But I don’t time the market.
"There seems to be some perverse human characteristic that likes to make easy things difficult." - Warren Buffet. Hazlo simple.

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