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Why I invest: “A difficult diagnosis changed my views on money.”

Publicado: Jue Feb 14, 2019 13:20
por Pepeco
Priscilla wants to share her newfound knowledge with others. But she doesn’t offer unsolicited advice. “People like to spend money in different ways. Most of my friends are in 2-income households. They’re able to spend more freely. I don’t want to preach to them.”

But if friends and family ask for investment information, she points them to a variety of useful resources. She enjoys helping others, and sharing what she’s learned allows her to do that.

Priscilla knows the value of easing financial stress firsthand. Since she made the shift to being a saver, she loves the sense of freedom that comes from investing.

“After being diagnosed, I realized the importance of enjoying your life. Investing gives me peace of mind, so I can appreciate every day,” she said.
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